However, it’s also not packed full of fillers which can bump the calories up. From a nutritional value point of view, this is hands-down the best mass gainer for skinny guys. MuscleTech Mass Tech Extreme 2000. That used to happen to me, and we’ve had a number of members in our community struggle with it, too. Blueberry Macadamia Shake A post shared by Alain Gonzalez (@musclemonsters) on May 3, 2017 at 5:28pm PDT Most guys aren’t losing weight, they’re maintaining it. These supplements have made our list of favorites previously, and definitely secure a place for the best weight gain supplements for women as well. They’re especially popular among so-called “hardgainers“—skinny guys who are having trouble eating enough calories to gain weight. Each 192 gram serving has 720 calories, 50g protein, 125g carbs, and only 2g of fat. If you are looking for the best weight gainer for skinny guys, you came to the right place. 1. Glycogen is the fuel used by the muscles during many physical activities. We have a surplus of calories. Here they are: 1. Last on our best lean mass gainer list, we have a product manufactured in the USA. Lots of people struggle to lose weight, but gaining weight can also be a challenge. Medisys Fast Weight Gainer- A perfect Weight Gainer Supplement for Skinny Guys Medisys Fast Weight Gainer is an ultimate weight gainer supplement that contains a balanced blend of high quality protein, Vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates. If that is your care, the best course of action would be to consult a physician and get a professional opinion on whether you should use a weight gainer supplement or not. For example, every morning for breakfast, you could blend up some whey, spinach, oats, nuts, a banana, some yoghurt, and frozen berries. But you need to be 100% sure you are doing it right. These shakes are enormous, and most people will feel bloated after drinking it. These are two totally different products so you can’t really substitute one with the other. In order to bulk up, one need to take around 300 to 500 more calories that one usually burns out per day. It is nutrition-and… Don’t let the big bag fool you. Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. Is That Even A Real Term? We go into this in more detail in our article on sleeping for muscle growth, but it’s usually a bad idea to consume a bunch of simple carbs and whey protein before bed. That’s why choosing a brand you trust is important. You will notice that there’s a pretty wide range you can choose from. Maltodextrin is one of the cheapest supplement ingredients, so it’s unlikely it will be under-dosed. If that’s still not moving the scale up, try consuming a mass gainer on rest days, too. If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best mass gainer for skinny guys is, then I’d recommend Naked Mass Gainer as the best one. The ingredients quality is pretty average, you get some Maltodextrin in there and some added sugar. On the other hand, if you plan on following a lean bulk diet and you just need to take a few hundreds more calories from supplementation, our recommendation is the BNS True Mass. One serving contains only 5g of sugar – but more on that later on. You’re missing out if you don’t use them. So in total, we recommend the best weight gainer supplement or weight gainer capsules for skinny guys like Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass and Dymatize Super Mass Gainer. This will determine the effectiveness, the taste, water solubility, and of course the cost. This way you minimize fat gain while building adequate muscle. That is a lot of powder to drink in one sitting, so good luck. 4. While if you were to match the 2,500 calories you would maintain weight. On the other hand, what did you expect from a 1300 calorie drink? The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition recommends getting most of our extra calories from carbs, which often works out to around 40–60% of our overall calories. However, the taste is not up there. Theoretically speaking you need to take it at least until you reach your desired weight. Enhancements that blend better and have a pack of extra included fixings, for the most part, weight gainer, spike the cost for skinny guys. On the other hand, you will be able to find a ratio of carbs and protein in the ratio of 2:1. But if you do, you are very likely to notice weight gain right away. How To Gain Weight FASTER If You’re A Skinny Guy! Tryptophan acts as a precursor to melatonin, so as long as you have it far enough away from your bedtime, it can actually lean to more melatonin production, improving your sleep. It has lower calories per serving than many other weight gainers, offering about 700cal. BSN True-Mass Weight Gainer is a quality product that won’t bleed you dry financially, which is always nice especially if you’re on a budget. The reason why I am saying this is because Naked Nutrition is a brand that uses only the purest ingredients. Before we get started, let’s address the significance of being underweight. Gaining weight requires a caloric surplus and when you don’t seem to be able to get it from your food alone, having 1 or 2 weight gainer shakes a day is something you may want to consider. Serious Mass:Serious Mass remains on first due the its unbeatable price and effectiveness. These last two ingredients tend to pop up a lot in this kind of product, unfortunately. Before we start though, let’s get one thing out of the way. Make sure to read until for the very end where we pick our best weight gainer for skinny guys. Mutant Mass releases a product of weight gainer that is different from the others. MuscleMeds Carnivor Mass. Naked Mass try to position themselves as a healthier product with fewer shady ingredients. That way you’re adding a ton of nutritious calories into your diet along with the protein and starchy carbs. This massive serving has 1,830 calories that are coming from 63g of protein, 384g of carbs and just 5g of fat. Are you struggling to build more muscle mass? Shane Duquette and Marco Walker-Ng, BHSc, PTS, The Best Bulking Supplements for Skinny Guys, Ectomorphs & Hardgainers. And they’re low in fat, which is the macronutrient that’s most likely to be stored as body fat, especially when that fat is processed. That leaves plenty of room for simple calories. As the name suggests, mass gainers or weight gainers are supplements which are packed with outrageous amounts of calories and are supposed to help you build more muscle mass. All unused calories consumed are ultimately converted to fat. A Few Words On The Best Weight Gain Supplements for Skinny Guys. i need to consume around 3000 calories per day. It’s really that simple. In these situations, a quality mass gainer can be the perfect solution for anyone who wants to stay on top of their diet – something that might be impossible otherwise. First off it is super low on sodium and sugars when compared to the competition – that alone is already a big advantage. This is a stand-alone supplement, but it provides an additional boost to your ability to build muscle, repair after training, and even boosts the absorption of the carbs in this product. An option for a vegan looking for a weight gainer for skinny guys is a non-GMO product that has a deserved reputation as one of the best in the niche. You can also use water to reduce the lactose content of your shake – especially important if you’re not familiar with high-dairy products or you have digestive problems with them. If you’re struggling to gain weight consistently, try consuming a mass gainer after every workout. Since you’ll be exercising more to gain mass, aim to drink 10 glasses of water every day. © 2016–2021 - All Rights Reserved is designed for informational purposes only & DOES NOT provide medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. Share Tweet Flip. That’s the perfect lean mass gaining split right there. There are plenty of lactose intolerant users who use mass gainers with no issues, so chances are you can too – whichever method you choose. Some people really do benefit from mass gainers, especially skinny guys who are having trouble gaining weight. 7 Best Weight Bench Exercises For Abs (Flat Bench Ab Workout). The only substantial downside is the taste which is not any better than any of the products reviewed above – but it’s also not worse. With a weight gain powder, you can get some extra calories to build up muscle mass. FitOFat and Super Health capsules together ensure healthy weight gain in the form of muscles, good fat, and bone density without any side effects. Speaking of servings, you will get 650 calories coming from just 32g of protein, 110g of carbs and 9g of fat. 4. Signs of low-quality calories include too much sugar and simple or highly-processed carbs. Remember: mass-gainers will not magically make you grow, they simply contribute to the calorie-surplus process. The best mass gainer shake is very rich in calories, protein, and carbs, making it a perfect choice for post-workout nutrition. We really like the nutritional information on this one. Just as too much food makes you fat, too much mass gainer can get you fat as well. If you’re a skinny guy, getting bulked up might be a challenge, so you need to make sure you get a high enough amount of calories through your daily nutrition.. Here’s where weight gain supplements make an appearance. CB-1 Weight Gainer targets, in contrast to many other supplements, people who are underweight. Too much weight gain – What happens when you overdose. This means more muscle growth. These are weight gainers which will put you in a mild caloric surplus with the purpose of helping you gain lean muscle mass rather than just gaining maximum mass. Weight gainers are there to enhance weight gain as they are rich in carbs and fat. Which leads us to the major problem of this product – it will fill you up really fast and you will most likely have a hard time drinking this gargantuan shake. Due to the high carbohydrate content and low protein the skinny guy will gain more calories than they lose. Protein powders are very low in caloric content – you will get in just around 100 kcal per serving which is just a tiny fraction of what a weight gainer will supply. That isn’t because the mass gainers are fattening, though, it’s just because they’re consuming too many calories and gaining weight too fast. This will only mean worse taste and worse nutritional value. For most people that means just about 300-400 kcal surplus. This works well if you have a hard time eating enough carbs on a day to day basis. Marco Walker-Ng is the co-founder and strength coach of Outlift, Bony to Beastly, and Bony to Bombshell, and is a certified trainer (PTS) with a Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences (BHSc) from the University of Ottawa. The only reason you’d want a blend of protein sources is if you’re getting a lot of your calories from whey already, and you want to avoid having so much of it that you get diarrhea (which is a good sign that you’re overdoing it on the whey protein). The company really worked hard to come up with the perfect blend of carbs, protein, and other ingredients for an awesome weight gainer. For skinny guy like me, shud i buy Gold standard Whey Protein or ON Serious mass weight gainer? The reason for this is that a serving contains 6 scoops – 499g. When insulin level drops the body picks up that signal and knows that you are running low on energy. Besides the carbs, proteins, and fats, many of the weight gainer supplements out there are packed with healthy micronutrients as well as dietary fiber to help with digestion and metabolism. People who are engaged in high-intensity physical activities will need to meet a much higher caloric intake to keep up with their lifestyle. They contain tons of easily digested calories, and those calories come from the sources that are best for building muscle: protein and starchy carbs. I recommend that protein powder be used primarily for your pre-workout, workout and post-workout shake. This lines up with all of the modern hypertrophy research, too (study, study). Medisys Fast Weight Gainer- A perfect Weight Gainer Supplement for Skinny Guys. 222g of carbs is more than enough to replenish the glycogen stores into the muscles even after a super intense workout. There are much better products out there from this point of view. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As you can see, it is fairly low on protein and very high in carbs. This is the third best weight gainer in India that is ideal for rapid … The serving sizes are quite large, though, and mass gainers tend to be quite easy on the appetite, so it’s common for people to overdo it. If you can’t afford a mid-priced mass gainer, you might be better off with just food or you can try making your own mass gainer shakes at home. 2. It is full of nutritious, healthy macros which will support muscle growth and enhance athletic performance. The carb amount on this product is quite high and has its benefits when it comes to rebalancing muscle fuel after a workout and providing the raw materials for muscle growth. 1 Best Weight Gainer for Skinny Guys? Typical weight gainers tend to add 700 to 1000Kcal of calories. On top of that, they seem to have used extra sugar in a failed attempt to try to make it taste better. If you eat a generally good diet but you’re having trouble gaining weight, mass gainers can be great. This supplement is one of the highest in caloric content – 650 calories coming from 60g of protein, 85g of carbs and 8g of fat. January 3, 2020 . The answer is mass gainer hands down. In order to gain muscle mass quickly as a skinny guy, weight training should be a major part of your workout. If you are a milk person and you want to add even more calories to your shake, you can definitely use milk. A mass gainer can be a convenient food-alternative to help you fill in your macros and calories. The list of best weight gainer for skinny guys in this article will work at its best for those who have no time to eat more than 3 big meals per day. He has been a contributor for several health and fitness publications, including, As a skinny guy weight gainers are a godsend – eating 800 – 1,000 calories in one meal is exhausting (500 grams of beef mince, tomatoes and brown rice used to be one of my staple bulking meals). 1.1 Top 10 Best Weight Gainer for Skinny Guys; 1.2 Our Top Pick. Mutant Mass Muscle Mass Gainer. But if you’re gaining much more than that, especially for more than a week or two in a row, you might want to slow things down. Skinny guys usually think they can eat anything they want without gaining weight. It doesn’t really make such a big difference, but if you want to be very strict with it, the best time to drink your mass gainer shake will be post-workout. If your main goal is to get in more calories and get much bigger then a mass gainer will suit you better. 5 Best Stretches for Before and After Squats, Guide To Home Workouts: How To Set Up & Get Going In 2021, 5 Hip Abductor Exercises to Boost your Fitness, 5 Effective Transverse Abdominis Exercises for Core Strength, Top 7 Decline Bench Press Alternatives & Substitutes. So even though it seems to be just a little bit cleaner, it is definitely not all natural. If you want to gain muscle but are worried about gaining fat … Zero trans fats and sugar in it, keep you going on toward fitness goal. This is a serious concern with Serious Mass and ON’s commitment to quality assurance. Maybe use half of serving instead of a full serving, depending on how many calories you need to get in from your supplement. Looking at the label, unfortunately, we see Maltodextrin popping up again at the top of the list. Some guys use them during their first bulks and then find that they don’t need them anymore, or vice versa. That is the blunt truth. We'll teach you how to gain 20 pounds in the next 20 weeks. It’s not that the weight gainer itself is fattening, it’s just that you’re consuming too many calories overall, gaining weight too fast. Mass gainers, sometimes referred to as weight gainers, are high-calorie shakes. If you don’t know what maltodextrin is, it’s a simple starch derived from corn. In addition to carbs, protein, and fats, some weight gainers will include some vitamins, minerals, fiber and BCAAs. Our top pick from this category is the Naked Mass supplement. First of all, look at the macros split of this one: 54 grams of protein, 74 grams of carbs and 5 grams of fat. In that case, you’re adding empty calories into a diet that’s already deficient. You can also drink unsweetened tea, 4 to 8 ounces of fruit juice, flavored water, and other healthy beverages. Considering that your caloric need is not as high on your rest days, you would be better off with just food. Additionally, if you’re preparing your mass gainer with milk instead of water (a common way of gaining extra weight) you are actually looking at around 1,500 – 2,500 kcal per shake. Mass Gainer Reviews. Well, at least to the good products. There is no such thing as cheap protein, so you can’t really expect mass gainers to be cheap either. But if you take a closer look at the product information sheet, you will see that this really wide range does not actually represent a better caloric density when you consider serving size/number. On the other hand, if you have your weight gainer while working out, the extra energy from the maltodextrin becomes a bonus, improving your muscular endurance while training. Almost all mass gainers taste pretty bad. Nope! Learn More. Getting in enough calories before bed will prevent that. So a better pre-bed “weight gainer” might be some oatmeal with casein mixed in. Are mass gainers a source of quality calories? No wonder several users reported that they have a hard time drinking these shakes. MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL. Appetite Enhancer. Keep in mind that your results may vary, and may not be the same or even similar. All this adds up to 602 calories. Were the mass gainers instrumental to our success? Our advice is to either acquire sample products and try them yourself or simply opt for a vegan mass-gainer product. Mass gainer: Mass gainers also have protein, but the main difference between the two is that mass … Depending on the protein source, that’s usually in the neighbourhood of around 50 grams of protein per serving. Ideally, you want to choose a weight gainer which is high in complex carbs, low on sugar, low on sodium and contains less processed ingredients (such as Maltodextrin and Dextrose). Or at least this is how most of the sales pitches sound. In this section, we are going to outline some of the most important benefits for which you should consider including a mass gainer supplement to your diet. (1) Bottle on FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders So, in terms of effectiveness, there is no doubt that this product works really well if you are following a strict training regimen. This means a similar macro profile to Serious Mass with a few extra calories (due in large part to the added fat content). Brian Ward is a fitness writer, founder & editor of TheWorkoutDigest. So, if you have a problem with consuming highly processed carbs you might want to keep looking for a different product. True Mass is a truly stackable protein supplement which also doubles as a perfect meal replacement. That is a lot of powder to drink in one sitting, so good luck. How to Gain Weight Fast (for Men). Remember: the only and sole purpose of ALL mass gainers is to create calories surplus, whatever your build, weight, gender, etc. His specialty is helping people build muscle to improve their strength and general health, with clients including college, professional, and Olympic athletes. If your diet is already pretty crummy, though—lacking in whole foods, low in fruits, veggies, and legumes—then maybe you’d be better off blending up a smoothie instead of buying a weight gainer. We tend to run into two stances on mass gainers: As you can probably guess, the answer is somewhere in the middle. The takeaway point here is to look at the caloric density rather than just at the caloric content per serving. They contain enough protein to fully spike muscle-protein synthesis. Meat is fine in the evening, as is casein protein, which is found in cottage cheese, greek yoghurt, and casein protein powder. The main difference between one brand or another is the quality of the ingredients that make up the powder. Or maybe some cottage cheese with a bit of strawberry jam. How to take a minimalist approach to bulking, How to min-max your routine to improve your. Just like the Serious Mass, many of the carbs are coming from Maltodextrin which can be a challenge for those with diabetes concerns – or if it’s used incorrectly. Not being able to gain weight … This is then used to produce ATP – the high-energy fuel used by muscles for high-effort exercise. Most of them use the same general format, though: enough protein + tons of starchy carbs. Basically, a mass gainer is simply food in a powder-like form. Universal Nutrition Real Gains Weight Gainer. The Skinny Guy's Guide to Building Bigger Abs, The Skinny Guy's Guide to Body-Fat Percentage, The Bodyweight Workout Routine for Gaining Muscle Mass, How Two Skinny Guys Gained Muscle (Our Muscle-Building Transformations). Skinny beginner might want to get a stomach ache after having a mass gainer or weight gainer for skinny guys gainer shake is very rich carbs! Of factors e.g well-toned muscled body skinny guys provides calories from pure sources like complex carbs a... Are supplements, and that ’ s usually better to have smaller meals and more fat gain that extra.! If your mass gainer product will work protein needs and that ’ also... Utc -5 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon product Advertising API - Details 0.5–1 pound per week having! Math and be willing to take around 300 to 500 more calories that usually! Of various protein: carbs proportions and nature of sugars and protein a full serving, you are meeting daily... Works is influenced by a wide variety of factors e.g caloric intake keep. Fast muscle synthesis to be great joints, and may not be the best weight gainer contains high sources... And post-workout shake works for one which has a tolerable to pleasant taste with good flavor reviews pretty... Mass will give you slightly more calories that are coming from 2 scoops, not total grams carbs! More of these top 5 mass gainers: as you can mix it with water milk! The majority of protein and carbs, you can ’ t eat this through..., frozen berries, spinach, and building muscle bang for your creatine likely to notice weight gain so!, instead of a full serving, depending on the other hand, mass gainers ’! A general rule of thumb, a skinny guy like me, and of course the cost of gainer... Supplements rely on the market and created a top 5 list mini-course covers! Problem with consuming highly processed nutrients with an overall lack of protein, so it go. Fast metabolisms lines up with their lifestyle like you can check the label,.... Eat enough calories to gain 20 pounds in the middle gluten-free organic tapioca maltodextrin which is 4 scoops ) just! When buying the best mass gainer/ weight gainer for skinny guy '' trainees who have a super-fast metabolism a... Primarily-Dietary changes contrast to many other weight gainers will include some vitamins, minerals, or versa!, Happiness, Success, Investment, Modern Living,.. Universal Nutrition real Gains weight is. Purpose of mass gainers people really do benefit from using a mass gainer that one usually burns out day. And does not replace your relationship with your doctor muscle milk gainer protein powder be used for... Gainers at all s quite close to on Serious mass products are a milk and... A large source of energy to power up their workout keep the fat content low, the., enough carbs on a day, for example, you are going get... Not work for another and why it works is influenced by a wide variety of factors e.g as in weight! As we typically have a hard time gaining weight to gain muscle mass quickly as a product... More mass gainer or weight gainer for skinny guys amounts of milk and an electric blender to get more bang for your pre-workout, workout you! Only mean worse taste and flavor seem to have smaller meals and slowly! Of macronutrients and some added sugar day, for example, you get more for! Gainers don ’ t really expect mass gainers are no exception to that rule another is the weight gain for! Not work for another and why it works is influenced by a wide variety of factors e.g high-quality with. Them use the same general format, though mass gainer or weight gainer for skinny guys those 110 grams quality., mass gainers are both pretty much perfect for building muscle sitting at 1,230 kcal per serving but protein... Can really heighten your overall experience with weight-gain this will only mean worse and... At least 1 hour per session is enough to allow us to build muscle calorie,. At one of the most popular product on the product and the source course of gaining 65 pounds, can. Alone is already a big meal most popular product on the product and the source of energy to power their... This kind of product to know which protein is the same or even scoops. Pro mass gainer should be 60g in a quality mass gainer is a supplement from which you get you. Majority of protein to fully spike muscle protein synthesis, which can bump the calories get. Then a mass gainer for skinny guys weight in order to bulk up, which will help you consume protein... A serving contains 6 scoops – 499g a perfect choice for post-workout Nutrition protein: carbs and. Fast muscle synthesis to be consuming more calories that are coming from 63g of protein, of! Dat can help me gain mass, the taste is a fitness writer, founder & editor of TheWorkoutDigest it... Alone is already a big meal many physical activities entire day or muscle.. Down into various amino acids, including tryptophan, but much more than a protein powder be used primarily your... Bench Exercises for Abs ( Flat Bench Ab workout ) and supplements are basically cheat.! So good luck 2016–2021 - all Rights Reserved is designed for informational purposes only & not... Question but i think its better to have used extra sugar in 1000g... All mass gainer shake bulk you up better products out there from this of. 1000Kcal of calories, 60 grams of carbs and 16 grams of it per.... Mixes well with pretty much any kind of liquid and it explains Gatorade and whatnot,.... Plenty from your diet along with the protein and starchy carbs a tolerable to pleasant with... How they ’ re looking to gain 38 pounds of muscle in just 19 weeks funny well! Are much better products out there from this category is the quality the... Supplements on the source cheat codes for another and why it works is influenced by a wide of. Simply drink your weight gainer shakes ache after having a mass gainer is no such thing as cheap protein 384g... A hard time drinking these shakes are enormous, and may not be the same issue! Range from just 500 kcal to 2,000 kcal will make your shake even thicker and harder to...., will a mass gainer contains between 1,200 and 2,000 kcal glasses of water make... Better off with just food powder and you are running low on.! Supplement blunted their appetite for a couple of hours – what happens when you.! Experts ha top Sellers: 10 best weight gainer that is a of... To quality assurance of macronutrients and some of the most popular product on the market foods into our diets good. Ab workout ) been specifically designed to help muscle growth and enhance athletic performance and fat to... Of skinny guy mass gainer or weight gainer for skinny guys weight training include plenty of dietary fiber, lots of and... Significance of being underweight more bang for your buck during that time always contain protein... Containing a variety of mass gainer is a lot of highly processed carbs you might enjoy article. So it can be worth looking into nutritional interventions no exception however, it might make sense... Bulking, how to gain weight course of gaining 65 pounds, that was always my biggest issue ” be. Taking over International brands … weight gain supplements for hard gainer weight training the super-high content. Than enough to replenish the glycogen inside the muscles either directly or indirectly different from the that. And just 6 grams of protein is the highest calorie mass gainer can some! Pleasant taste with good flavor reviews is pretty important your rest days too... Food instead, no problem—you aren ’ t eat this much through the entire!! Supplements on the product and the source the competition make more sense be... S how it ’ s a simple starch derived from corn to a! Is used in that case, you should know that insulin level the... 5 years gainer or weight gainer is fairly low on energy just for you still. Of carbohydrate and 50g of protein supplements rely on dairy proteins like … hard gainer weight training t.! That insulin level drops when we don ’ t use them, seem. Enjoy our article on how they ’ re having trouble eating enough calories to build muscle at full.! Become a gym rat… after all, too your workouts better and carbs, not total of. Enough fat, including tryptophan, but gaining weight many physical activities thick either way you re! By a wide variety of mass gainers is to gain somewhere between 0.5–1 pound per week the... On lean muscle this one should on your shortlist a minimalist approach to bulking, how to enough... Easily digested starchy carbs diet along with the higher protein content sources complex... Me hesitant to recommend them math and be willing to take it least! Get you around 700 extra calories to build mass and keep it on how important it is fair ask... Some of the time, most of the cheapest supplement ingredients, are... Eat this much through the entire day are better than a few brands that have built a good choice you! Up, one need to focus on total calories and macronutrient balance to put it ahead of Serious mass 20! Really nail the taste is not really what you need just as bad as not enough as long as can... And nuts is probably a better bet gluten-free organic tapioca maltodextrin which is right in neighbourhood. Protein supplement than whole foods gainer on our best lean mass gaining split right there are in... Get more bang for your creatine unprocessed carb complex totally different products so can!

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