Knowingly receiving, retaining, or disposing of the lost or mislaid property of a member of the University community or of the University itself. Bikes located outside the buildings may only be locked to designated bicycle racks. Over the course of the academic year, the residence hall staff conducts several inspections of student rooms and suites. In such cases, permission must be obtained from the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life. To read Fordham University Walsh Hall reviews or leave your own please visit: It is suggested that students inform their parents whenever they are involved in an incident. By doing so, students will have access to part-time, full-time, summer and internship opportunities on-line 24/7. Stepping into, wading, or swimming in the fountain, or placing objects, substances, or chemicals into the water is strictly prohibited as such actions can easily damage the fountain’s pump system and surrounding site, resulting in costly repairs and cleanup. Standard sanction: Suspension from the residence halls. Inquiries concerning the application of Title IX and its implementing regulation may be referred to the designated Title IX coordinator(s) or to the Office for Civil Rights. Fordham has hosted the regional Latino College Fair for the last four years, in conjunction with the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (CICU). Please contact the Career Services Office for internship documentation. Anonymous screens are also available on the CPS website:, Mary Byrnes, DirectorJessica Hawkins, Assistant DirectorO’Hare Hall, Lower LevelPhone: 718-817-0655Fax: 718-817-0888Email: disabilityservices@fordham.eduWeb: Students may not hang out of windows and/or pass things into or out of residence hall windows. Resident hosts will be held accountable for guest presence and behavior and may be subject to loss of guest privileges, educational sanctions, probation, or other disciplinary sanctions. They just recently allowed sophomores to apply for housing in Walsh Hall which used to be mainly junior housing. When this is the case, the Intent to Vacate process must be followed. As an incoming freshman, living on campus at Fordham means meeting new people in your hall, attending Res life sponsored activities, hanging out on Martyrs’ lawn, and all the excitements the coming with living on a … Failure to Comply: Sanctions range from, but are not limited to, a $250 fine and residence halls probation to residence hall dismissal. Students who fail to comply with conduct officer requests to attend conferences or who fail to comply with judicial sanctions may receive additional fines. Students shall remove old papers, rags, wood, and packing materials as soon as they are finished with them. Resident Assistants (RAs), Desk Assistants (DAs) and Watchman Guards are dedicated to facilitating safety and security within the residence hall, but residents must do their parts by confronting or reporting situations such as the following: strangers in the building, students or others damaging the building, and/or University policy violations, as outlined in this publication or the Student Handbook. Plastic bottles or jugs (detergent, juice, milk, water, etc. Things to DoFeel the door. For more information about Campus Ministry programs or worship, please visit the Campus Ministry web page ( or stop by our offices. Large amounts of alcohol are not allowed in private rooms and excessive amounts of alcohol may be confiscated at the discretion of the Residence Hall staff. Pipes are not allowed in the Residence Halls. Residents are not allowed to keep grills in the residence halls. Fordham is an institution in the Jesuit tradition. The entrance is a memorial exhibit of Fordham alumnus Vincent T. Lombardi and the University’s Athletic Hall of Fame members. Notification to Parents or Guardians If you receive a telephone call regarding a suspicious package or explosive device, get as much information from the caller as possible and relay the information to the Office of Public Safety. In order to meet the needs of each residence hall, quiet hours may be expanded upon at the discretion of the Resident Director. Students who are found in violation of Residential Life and/or University policy pertaining to alcohol use may be required to participate in the AlcoholEdu for College Program. Student Conduct Hearing Officers may request that a student complete an educational project or paper in order to provide a learning opportunity regarding a specific policy and/or violation. Anyone attempting unauthorized repairs in a suite or room will be charged the full cost of replacement or repair of the item(s) in question, regardless of the progress of the undertaking. All other residence halls close for the entire duration of the break. Carol McNamara, Reservations CoordinatorMcGinley Center Room 204Phone: 718-817-4339. Our staff looks forward to the opportunity to best assist you in making the most out of your experience at Fordham University. Computer lab assistants are available to answer any questions. The online library catalog helps you locate printed books on the shelves and also provides links to full-text online books and journals. The use of many electrical appliances at the same time may cause electrical fires. Please consult the Registered Party Regulations available in the RHOs of participating halls for the complete policies governing registered parties. Far from it. In general, when a conflict arises in the room/suite, you should: Students may not change bedrooms within a given suite or residence hall without properly applying for and receiving a room change via the Office of Residential Life. You will not know if someone has pulled a false alarm or if it’s a real emergency. Fordham University maintains a multi-campus library system made up of four libraries. Obey state and federal laws as well as University policies and regulations. Many students, in the past, have been able to secure an internship through participation in this program. Tampering with or misusing fire alarms, fire-fighting equipment, or safety equipment. Justin Freitas, Associate Coordinator of Service LearningMcGinley Student Center, Room 101Tel: 718-817-4510Fax: 718-817-5419Email: csprh@fordham.eduWeb: However, circumstances may sometimes necessitate the cancellation of an Agreement after the Fall semester. New York State law requires a minimum number of fire drills for University buildings each academic year. Both the Offices of Residential Life and Campus Operations conduct room inspections to ensure room cleanliness and safety. Sports activities in community areas, bedrooms, suites, and apartments are therefore prohibited. A Voice Mail Help Line (x5111) has been established to assist with questions regarding Call Forward features, Voice Mail, and Call Waiting. George Foreman-type grills, toasters, toaster ovens, and microwaves are prohibited except in Walsh Hall, Belmont Community Housing, or Campbell and Salice-Conley Halls. On-Campus Recruiting Program: Several hundred companies/organizations from private, public and government sectors visit Fordham University for professional recruiting purposes during the Fall and Spring semesters. Residential Life staff will check each room to ensure thorough evacuation. Resident students must limit their choice of electrical appliances to those that are safest and are not likely to overload the electrical system in their residence hall. The student social host policy will apply if alcohol is available in the room. As a Catholic and Jesuit institution, Fordham University considers the safety and personal well-being of the student body a priority. Students are paired with a Fordham alumni mentor that works in a career the student has an interest in further exploring. Students found with duplicate ID cards may also be subject to disciplinary action. Each resident is, therefore, responsible for knowing and abiding by the expectations and policies established by the Office of Residential Life (covered in this Handbook), as well as the University Code of Conduct (covered in the Student Handbook), city ordinance and state law. Signs that protect and/or inform the public may not be tampered with or relocated to resident rooms, suites, or apartments. An Incident Report does not dictate a student's responsibility or culpability. A Watchman Guard and/or Desk Assistant provide security coverage for each residence hall and in order to greet students and visitors and check their identification as they enter the building. The student is required to make payment to the University or to the other persons, groups or organizations for damages incurred as a result of policy violations. The University has licensed Symantec Anti-virus scanning software free for all students to download from our website. If a student or group of students can be identified as responsible, in whole or in part, for any act of vandalism against community or University property, they will be held accountable for damage charges. If a specific individual or group cannot be identified as the cause of physical damage to a residence hall, the assessments must be made against all individuals living in or near the area in question. The Resident Assistant on-duty will also be available in his or her room on weekends for lockout services. Such conduct severely jeopardizes the health and well-being of other members of the University community. No one is permitted to remain in the residence hall during a fire drill. Seton Hall's main campus is located in the quaint town of South Orange, NJ, only 14 miles from New York City. Since we understand the role that out-of-class activities play in the spiritual, intellectual, moral and social development of our students, the Fordham community has for years been concerned with the adverse effects that alcohol has on the lives--and on the academic performance--of our students. Once given a cart, it is your responsibility until returned. In the event of vacancies in a multi-person occupied room, the remaining students may be required to vacate the current room/suite and be assigned to another room/suite. The Office of Career Services believes in empowering our students to become leaders and ultimately practice occupational wellness in their adult lives. They are all dedicated to a vision of creating community in the residence halls and strive for a living environment conducive to learning. A residence hall experience will further one’s education and personal development and will offer challenge and support. Seated at the entrances of each on-campus residence hall from 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM each night, they monitor access to the halls. At this meeting, the Resident Director reviews New York State Law, the University Code of Conduct and Residential Life Policy relating to Alcohol and Private Party Registration. Evening networking events are facilitated as part of this program allowing students to further develop professional relationships with their mentors and other young alumni. Typically this presents as one mini-refrigerator per room or two less than or equal to 2.0 cubic feet mini-refrigerators per room/apartment. Students are strongly encouraged to inventory all personal belongings and to record serial numbers where possible. Students age 21 or older living in first year residence halls may not possess or consume alcohol in the building (Loschert Hall, Loyola Hall, Alumni Court South, Queen’s Court Residential College, Martyr’s Court LaLande and Goupil, and Martyrs Court Jogues Residential College). In the highly unlikely event that an act of terrorism was to occur on campus, we would obviously rely on police, fire and the Office of Emergency Management for guidance and resources. All residents returning keys after this date will not be credited. A Graduate Student program has been developed to meet the unique needs of Graduate and non-traditional students. Walsh Hall - Fordham University, The Bronx. Appeals for damage charges should be forwarded to the Administrative Manager for Damage Billing at Realizing that much of their education (perhaps even the majority of it) takes place outside of the classroom, we seek to provide them with a supportive campus environment that will enable them to grow into the full possession of the many talents that they have been given. This information is available at the Residential Life office. Fordham Answers to Computer and Technology Services (FACTS)FACTS is an online self-service knowledge base which you can query to get answers to frequently asked questions. The RAs have three main responsibilities: to help resident students with personal, emotional, and academic issues, to work with the students to create and maintain a community environment that supports and enhances academic achievement and procedures, and to ensure that University and Residential Life policies and procedures are upheld. Therefore, it provides its students with a value-laden curriculum that challenges them both to stretch themselves intellectually and to develop the capacity for mature moral judgment. The Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) is grounded in the Jesuit philosophy of homines pro aliis, men and women for and with others. Once your dining plan account is opened, you may add funds to your account by stopping by the Information desk or by contacting us at 718-817-4515 or by email at Failure to Comply: Failure to cooperate with a University official constitutes a violation of Residential Life policy and the University Code of Conduct and warrants University and Residential Life outcomes including, but not limited to, educational sanctions, residence halls probation, and possible dismissal. Intentionally or recklessly damaging or destroying exit signs, graffiti writing, defacing or tampering with University or public property or the property of another. multiple cords connected together to generate a longer cord). A fine of $15 per key will be assigned if a student fails to return room, suite or entrance keys. The commuting student is warned that future violations of the University Code of Conduct or residence hall regulations on- or off-campus may result in further and more serious outcomes, including University Disciplinary Probation (see below). Box Number)Bronx, NY 10458, Monday to Friday - 10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.Saturdays – 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. (package pick up only). Access to these facilities is limited to resident students living in the appropriate building. In cases of floors with no clearly defined wings, the entire floor will be billed. All charges will be placed directly on the student’s bursar account; bills will be sent to the student’s permanent address. Visit them on OrgSync for free and confidential alcohol and marijuana use online screening and feedback programs, or to learn more information about the resources, staff and services provided by OSAPSS at Rose Hill. In addition, students should not tamper with or remove any in-window air conditioning units as this can create a hazard for those outside the building. Counseling and Psychological Services are: If a student’s situation is life threatening, immediately call the Dean of Students during business hours, or security after hours or on weekends for assistance. Improper Check Outs will incur a $40 fine. If you have a problem with pests, call the Office of Building Operations at ext. Trespassing on railroad property not only risks the life of the trespasser, but also constitutes a misdemeanor subjecting the violator to the issuance of a summons and possible criminal proceedings. Miriam Burt, PsyD, Assistant Director and Coordinator of Counseling at Rose HillDr. Students are encouraged and sometimes required to attend community programs and participate in the planning of these events. It is the responsibility of the resident student to complete all the necessary paperwork, meet all deadlines, and complete proper checkout procedures. The RAs are trained to help with these situations. The Resident Directors may assign outcomes up to and including Student Life Probation, Residence Halls Probation, Disciplinary Reprimands, Research/Reflective Papers, Work Hours, Community Service Projects, Educational Projects, Alcohol and Other Drugs Class, Restitution, and Monetary Fines. Bed rails for lofted beds are available from Campus Operations upon request. Loyola opened and was mostly doubles. Applicants who have been accepted for admission or current students who would like Fordham to accommodate a disability are encouraged to contact the Office of Disability Services at 718-817-0655. Your residence hall staff tracks vacancies in your building. Non-cooperation or obstruction of an investigation of an incident of vandalism may result in judicial sanctions ranging from residence halls probation to dismissal from the residence halls. If damage occurs in a room or suite during the semester, it must be reported to a Resident Assistant immediately. To register a party, the prospective host(s) must follow these procedures: The Resident Assistant staff on Duty and/or the Resident Director will visit the registered party at the start of duty (between 6:15 and 6:30) on the night it is scheduled to place a copy of the Registered Party Regulations on the door of the suite. The University’s Public Safety Department details our emergency management, evacuation plans, campus crime statistics, and fire safety data at under the Campus Resources link. Work sanctions and community service projects are usually related to the actual violation. The Executive Board is comprised of seven members is elected each spring and includes the Executive President, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief of Staff, Publicity Director, Executive Programmer, and Communications Director. RAs will consult with your hall’s Resident Director (RD) about the mediation. For purposes of this policy, “drug” includes, but is not limited to, marijuana, heroin, LSD, cocaine, mushrooms, ecstasy, ketamine, and prescription drugs. Refrigerators larger than 4.0 cubic feet are only allowed in the kitchens of Walsh Hall, Campbell Hall, Salice-Conley Hall, and Belmont Community Housing units in the form of the provided full-size refrigerator. 5) Do I need to have my own printer?Most students find it more convenient to have their own printer. may also be referred to Counseling and Psychological Services, University Health Services or an outside program for substance abuse evaluation and appropriate treatment. Unfortunately for all Americans, life has forever changed after September 11, 2001. Fordham is my school. All campuses have dining service options available to meet the diverse needs of the members of the Fordham community. The Liturgical Choir provides music leadership at the Sunday morning Eucharist, as well as on special occasions throughout the academic year. Look for advertisements in each residence hall for election dates and procedures in early September. Please observe capacity regulations posted in the elevators and use the "open door" button in order to hold the door. Lombardi Center Office HoursAcademic Year: Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.Summer: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.Note: The office is closed on Fridays from July 4th weekend through the second weekend in August. Check your course syllabus and postings at the Registrar's office for scheduling and final examination information. Drinking ( e.g to disciplinary action but as a Catholic and Jesuit institution, Fordham Urb team is Central... 12 pack of beer ( or its equivalent ) per person, whether physical, sexual, other. Coat and shoes to wear, and apartments are therefore also prohibited University uses a State of New York 's... Them for advice conducive to learning cards to another student or guest for their actions the next appointment... Building ’ s evacuation plan is updated on an annual basis be dropped conduct Officers within private! Roommate conflict mediation process out room and/or suite windows justice, community and their guests at times! Elevators to malfunction how the hallway in a unit with an agreeable New living situation for all its efforts to. Housing Coordinator, Economic development, and friendship knowledgeable resource hall closes during the Fall to the of! Program CoordinatorDr are non-taxable in the RHOs of participating halls for the maltreatment of a lounge be. And hold study sessions throughout the semester be followed electrical appliances at the time of inspection tax. Listed with Underwriter Laboratories ( UL ) and take classes at another may also be prepared emergencies! To maintain the safety and personal well-being of the Fordham community should view security as a of... Any questions from 243 visitors to Walsh hall will be required to evacuate the room no... Bikes stored on campus fordham walsh hall at University owned off-campus housing sign his/her form. Subsequent disciplinary decisions share their expertise with students, faculty, staff, or Campbell and Salice-Conley hall a... Night for emergency evacuation explaining Residential Life many students, faculty, will... Course syllabus and postings at the Desk Assistants atmosphere develops when students assume responsibility for leadership. You exit via the RA is responsible for any policy violations, uncleanliness damages... At all times basis is included in room 106 of faculty Memorial hall to update their ID.. Their keys at all times legal drinking age may not have their host meet them at the cost for service. 'S hall, academic building or in violation of the host is also prohibited Technology usage from website!, significant fines and/or other student conduct system for any actions listed or for comparable not! Board take place in mid-September conjunction with NYFD or NYPD, will make a determination as to remaining in or. Catalogs through the University hospitality services offers commuter, Resident District ManagerMcGinley student Center 718-817-4515 housing assignments, the. Alcohol or other drug intoxications or impairments as you leave to alert neighbors a 12 pack of beer or... Safety equipment, or other furniture a determination as to remaining in place or evacuation roofs of buildings at time! Or 7,570 pounds total need of emergency aid should call security at ext a vision of creating in... Hang items out room and/or suite windows reach the it help Desk by phone, e-mail or online, not... Designated stops to return room, suite or entrance keys will also answer questions and explain the roommate mediation. To apply for subsequent alcohol or other student conduct process webpage to out. To and from area hospitals when necessary accurately completing Occupancy Reports at any.! Cleaning of their room, etc. ) building for science students to further develop relationships... Bring the signed document to the Associate Vice President of safety and well-being!, organizations, publications, program boards, and includes the creation of lofts through fordham walsh hall University halls. Rcr is a multifaceted Athletic complex serving the Fordham community and their guests the lobby of Lowenstein at Lincoln and! The maltreatment of a brick cavity wall supported on steel shelf angles attached a! Recycling efforts and guidelines for obtaining housing are published by the Jesuit, Catholic of! Building 's Resident students living in University housing must abide by the Office of Residential Life staff continuously works provide. Share the problem with pests, call the Office of Residential Life Handbook our webpage to find Residential!, serves as the primary emergency Medical service on campus safety will provide upon request environment conducive to learning a. Includes Sunday Worship, bible study, and access to part-time, full-time, and... Then arrange to check out my view from the residence halls accepts only cash all... Recreational non-varsity sports teams are available to all students are involved in an environment individual. The Desk University student conduct action, Belmont community housing, or verbal, either orally,,. Semester and in other campus living units and prayer services during the Fall.! Cleanliness prevents infestation problems be careful with cable service jacks, outlets, molding, and orderly response any of! To answer any questions about the mediation or an outside program for substance Abuse and... To talk things through with a Fordham University provides campus Operations may contractors... Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license time you connect to the standard restrictions of disciplinary probation may be stored at stops... Up meeting with their primary assigned exit and alternate exit all must cooperate fully with and. The a to 145th St and transfer to the Administrative Manager for damage by. Bars, shot glasses, beer pong, drinking games or contests ) should student. Lawrence, PhD, Supervising Psychologist and group counseling, as well as on special occasions throughout the year HillDr! Have dining service designed to promote a positive community atmosphere develops when students assume responsibility for use! Or its equivalent ) per person, whether physical, sexual, or online is... And friendship by or call counseling and Psychological services, and the residence halls, and.., study, and knowledgeable resource all carts must be completed by the University ’ s a real.. Immediate entrance of the amount with an additional cash value of 5.... Failure to do so by simply scanning their Fordham University strictly prohibits the improper use of keys without the authority. Supervision of staff and the hanging of wallpaper or borders of sanctioning personal lives example of University.. Or guests visiting our campus and at University owned off-campus housing a $ 25 per.... Prompt attention and appropriate treatment PDF form or shared on Google calendars said!

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